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Aug 16, 2017 · 250ml/500ml /1000ml 4-Position Digital Laboratory Heating Mantle 2L Ce Laboratory Digital LED Display Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer Biobase Ms7-H550-PRO Laboratory Glass Ceramic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer (Ashley) Corning® Digital Stirrers Digital Magnetic Stirrers Corning digital hot plates, stirrers, and stirring hot plates are made with the same durability and quality Corning has been putting into Pyroceram® top products since 1964. All models include a Pyroceram top and a two-year warranty. Twin display stirring hot plate shows both temperature and stirring speed on separate digital displays to ensure accuracy.


Max. magnetic bar[length] 50mm:Speed range:0-1500rpm:Speed display:LED:Protection class:IP42:Dimension [W x D x H] 150×260×80mm:Weight:1.8kg:Permissible ambient temperature and humidity:5-40°C 80%RH IKA ® C-MAG HS hotplate stirrers - laboratory hot platesC-MAG HS 10 IKAMAG New magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. Powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 15 L (H 2 O) Fixed safety circuit of 550°C Hot Top indicator >> hot surface warning to prevent burns! Exact temperature setting via digital display (LED) Instruction Manual Hotplates, Stirrers, Hotplate-StirrersThis Class A digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. 3. 4 4 x 4" (10.2 x 10.2cm) Electrical (50/60 Hz):Hotplate Stirrer Hotplate-Stirrer 120V:2.9 amps/350 watts 0.4 amps/50 watts 3.3 amps/400 watts 230V:1.5 amps/350 watts 0.2 amps/50 watts 1.7 amps/400 watts Fuses:5mm x 20mm the display is 500°C for a ceramic top and 400

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Jul 18, 2018 · Lab Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers:Choosing the Best One for Your Laboratory stirring capacity like the SCILOGEX MS7-h450-S LED Digital 7x7 Hotplate Stirrer, a 20L stirring capacity like the SCILOGEX MS-H-Pro Plus Circular-top LCD Digital Hotplate Stirrer. Multi-position Hotplate/Stirrers. RT 15 - IKA Laboratory Equipment, Lab, Magnetic Stirrer RT 15. 15-position digital magnetic hotplate stirrer, designed for synchronous heating and stirring. The magnetic. coil technology provides noiseless and consistent stirring on all positions. The surface temperature is infinitely adjustable up to 120 °C, producing a maximum medium temperature of 70 °C (depending on the used vessel). Stirrers and Hotplates - Lab Equipment and Lab SuppliesIsotemp RT Digital Hotplate Increase your confidence in safety and accuracy with our low-profile digital display hotplate. Equipped with HOT TOP warning and built-in temperature shut-off to provide accurate heating of samples and safety in the laboratory. Features Precise digital control to 0.1°C

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The Hot Plates, Electric Hot Plates and offered here are the best selling and most versatile products of this kind offered anywhere. We have selected Hot Plates that are safe and economical with uniform heating and rugged construction to meet the most rigorous laboratory requirements. Choose from Ceramic Hot Plates or Aluminum Top Hot Plates and from a wide range of stirring configurations and hotplate magnetic stirrer, hotplate magnetic stirrer May 07, 2021 · hotplate magnetic stirrer, hotplate magnetic stirrer

  • Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer Digital Hotplate Stirrer Heater And Hotplate Thermostatic Digital Magnetic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate Stirrer JOANLAB China Laboratory Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer WitHotplate Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate Stirrer JOAN Lab Digital Display Hotplate Laboaratory Magnetic SMagnetic Hotplate Stirrer Hotplate Stirrer Joan Lab Equipment Magnetic Hotplate Heating StirrerLED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer - Four E's with LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer - Four E's Lab Hot Plate with Stir Bar & Temp Probe Sensor, 100-1500RPM, 5L, 600W - Benchtop Appliance for Scientific Research Clinics Classrooms Laboratory 63 $246.99 $ 246 . 99Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer at Thomas ScientificlabForce Hotplates and Stirrers provide reliable performance and safe operation for everyday laboratory use. Like our popular 7 x 7-inch series, these 10 x 10-inch hotplates/stirrers feature a durable, chemical resistant white ceramic top plate and advanced microprocessor controls.