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#10-24 x 2 in. Coarse/Standard Steel Plain Hanger Bolt (4

Aug 29, 2017 · #10-24 x 1-1/2 in. Coarse/Standard Steel Plain Hanger Bolts (4-Pack) These hanger bolts are headless bolts designed These hanger bolts are headless bolts designed to hang materials from wooden structures, walls or overhead. One half has a lag thread wood screw with a pointed tip and the other half has standard machine thread with a blunt tip. » 90° Anchor Bolt35 rows · However, Portland Bolt will supply stock anchor bolts to this specification when requested

Bent Bolts Standard and Custom Sizes ITA Fasteners

Description:Standard and Custom Bent bolts from ITA Fasteners are durable and corrosion resistant because of the stainless steel, alloy steel or carbon steel make. These bolts find their use mostly in construction as a result of its ruggedness and wide application range. Bolt Depot - Selecting Fastener Materials - Steel Grades Grade 2 is a standard hardware grade steel. This is the most common grade of steel fastener and is the least expensive. Except a possible manufacturer's mark, Grade 2 bolts have no head marking. Grade 5 / Fasteners and Fixings Nuts & Bolts Supplier Cable Direct Channel's Range of Hook Bolts & Eye Bolts. Hook Bolts & Eye Bolts are used widely in the support & roofing trade. All available from stock for next day

J-Bolt Manufacturer - Galvanized & Stainless Steel J-Bolts

J-Bolts are provided per your specifications from stainless steel to a wide range of materials. SPECIALS MADE TO ORDER:Anchor Bolts, Eye-Bolts, J-Bolts, Square U-Bolts, Round U-Bolts, All Thread Stud, Double-End Stud & Single-End Studs are manufactured with short lead times. MS1850SN MS Series Deadlock MS1850SN Series MS® The ANSI size MS1850SN Series MS® Deadlock utilizes a laminated stainless steel bolt and the ANSI size MS1850SN-45X Series MS Deadlock utilizes a stainless steel hookbolt, both activated by a pivot mechanism to provide maximum security for hollow metal or wood doors. Properties of AREMA Steel Rail GradesProperties of AREMA Steel Rail Grades. AGICO Group is a comprehensive railway accessories supplier. Steel rail is one of our most popular rail products and we have had several deals this year. We can ensure that our railway products fulfil the demand of the international railway industry such as Chinese Standard Light Rail, Chinese Standard Heavy Rail, Chinese Standard Crane Rail, American

Sleeve Anchors - Standard and Hook Bolt Types

Sleeve Anchor - A Reliable Concrete Anchor. A sleeve anchor, also known as an expansion bolt, is constructed of a lead sleeve, a nut, a washer and a threaded stud.Similar to strike anchors, sleeve anchors are extensively used where traditional threaded fastening is not permitted, including concrete, brick, block and the like.During installation, the metal cone is pulled into the lead sleeve Stainless J-Bolts Bosun SuppliesThe J-Bolt is UNC thread and available in sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1/2" to fit every project. This bolt is made from grade 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability, making it perfect for marine and industrial applications Threaded Rods & Studs U-bolts, Hook Bolts » Fastener We supply quality threaded rods and studs in precise lengths, composition and tensile strength. The same goes for our U-bolts and hook bolts.

Standard Specication for Anchor Bolts, Steel, 36, 55, and

Anchor Bolts, Steel, 36, 55, and 105-ksi Yield Strength1 3.1 Denitions of Terms Specic to This Standard:3.1.1 anchor boltsteel rod or bar, one end of which is intended to be cast in concrete, while the opposite end is length, and length of hook if a hook is required, or provide a