asme sa 214 tubes vs asme sa 179 tubes

(PDF) ASME BPVC IX Pham Do Duy Hai -

Qu a l i f i c a t i o n S t a n d a r d f o r We l d i n g , B r a z i n g , a n d Fu s i n g P r o c e d u r e s ; We l d e r s ; B r a z e r s ; a n d We l d i n g [DOC]OMB Approval 2700-0042 - NASA · Web viewRef. SA 214 (c) The contractor is directed to perform a risk assessment associated with expediting the present EMU preflight operations. The risk assessment will consider such items as: -Design and manufacture HUT tubes, ducts, shields, covers, and related tooling


ASME SECCION VIII DIV. 1 ED 2015 CALCULOS MECANICO Cylinders/Covers Component:Shell Cylinder ASME Section VIII-1 2015 UG-27 Thickness of Shells under Int. Pressure --- Calculations --- Cylinder Internal Pressure Material:SA-516 K02700 Grd 70 Plate Design pressure P = 220 psi Design temperature T = 720 F Radiography = Spot Joint eff.circ str. E = 0.85 Design stress S = 16780 psi