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The EQ6-R builds upon the legacy of Sky-Watchers popular EQ6 mount delivering the next evolution of the EQ6 family with a platform for better visual and photographic utilization Improved latitude adjustment innovative carry handle accurate belt-driven motors and a built-in DSLR triggering system brings the EQ6-R into the modern age Perfect EQ6-R Mount - Sky-WatcherPART I :SETTING UP THE EQ6-R MOUNT 1. Fully expand the tripod legs on level ground. 2. Locate the locking clamps on the legs and turn counter-clockwise to unlock them to ex tend the tripod legs. 3. Extend the legs to desired height, make sure the tripod top is level and then lock the clamps. 1.1 Setting Up the Tripod 1.2 Putting On the EQ6-R Mount

HEQ5/EQ6 MOUNT - Sky-Watcher

ATTACHING MOUNT TO TRIPOD LEGS (Fig. 2) 1) Align metal dowel on the tripod head with the gap between the azimuth adjustment knobs underneath the mount. 2) Push the primary locking shaft up against the mount and turn the knurled knob underneath to secure mount to tripod. Fig. 3 TRIPOD SET UP Fig. 2. MOUNT ASSEMBLY Fig. 4 Fig. 5 INSTALLING THE SKY-WATCHER EQ6 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Download Page 10:Operating The Mount Manually The HEQ5 and EQ6 mount have controls for both conventional altitude (up-down) and Fig.c azimuthal (left-right) directions of motion. Use the altitude adjustment T-bolts for altitude Altitude adjustment adjustments. These allow fine-adjustment for setting the mount to your local latitude. The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 Mount - KW TelescopeSky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 Mount. Multi-purpose GoTo mount; Alt-Az, equatorial or dual-OTA configurations ; 44 pound payload capacity; SynScan hand controller with 42,000+ object database; Snap port; D/V compatible saddle; Counterweight shaft extension; Two 11 pound counterweights; Secondary mounting saddle for dual-OTA configuration; Steel tripod; DC

Sky-Watcher Pier Extension for EQ6/EQ6-R Mount S30102

Sky-Watcher S30102 Overview The Sky-Watcher Pier Extension is designed to raise the EQ6 or EQ6-R mount 8.4" from the tripod to provide extra height for more comfortable observation by taller users, or to give longer refractor OTAs more clearance. Sky-Watcher Sky-Watcher Global WebsiteSky-Watcher - The worlds largest telescope manufacturer. Tripod Height:90-147cm :Guiding Speed:from 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, or 1X :Mount Type SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 SynScan mount + 12V power supplySkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 PRO SynScan mount:main features and advantages - German equatorial mount with 20 kg payload capacity:SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 PRO offers a high weight load capacity to let you use also heavy telescopes but it's still portable. The mount head is 15,4 kg and can be easily removed from the tripod for transport.

Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 Multi-Purpose GoTo Mount - S30200

Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 GoTo Hybrid Mount If youre looking for a medium-capacity telescope mount that operates as either an alt-azimuth or equatorial mount, has the ability to handle two telescopes at once, and offers GoTo capabilities with a huge celestial object database, you will definitely want to consider the Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5. Skywatcher S30100 Pier Wheel Goto Portable Mount skywatcher s30100 Is Similar To:1405.00 N A Skywatcher S30200 Eq6 Mount White Retails (50.8% similar) The item will be relisted. Manage all your listings with listing software. If not paid in full by 48 hours, your order will be cancelled and an unpaid item notice filed.Sky-Watcher EQ6 GoTo SyncScan Equatorial Mount S30100 Buy:Sky-Watcher EQ6 GoTo SyncScan Equatorial Mount MFR:S30100. EQ6 GoTo SyncScan Equatorial Mount About Sky-Watcher EQ6 GoTo Mount Sky-Watcher SynScan mounts have been designed for use by novices and experts alike. These mounts provide extremely high precision tracking and have built in autoguider ports.