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Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. (PDF) Stainless Steel XD15NW Characterization for the use X40CrMoVN16-2 (XD15NW), processed by Aubert & Duval has been used for more than 15 years in non-space applications and has shown interesting behaviors in terms of lifetime and promising results

AMS5925:Steel, Corrosion Resistant, Bars, Wire, and

May 01, 1999 · This specification covers a premium aircraft-quality, corrosion-resistant steel in the form of bars, wire, forgings, and forging stock.These products have been used typically for anti-friction bearing components requiring resistance to both corrosion and wear with hardness not lower than 58 HRC a Advanced Gear Alloys for Ultra High Strength ApplicationsXD15NW ferrous alloys. Pyrowear 675 is a high strength stainless steel designed for gear application. Aermet 100 is an ultra high strength steel which has potentials for gear application. C61 and C64 are secondary hardening grade gear steels, products of QuesTeks Computational Design, Development and Application of HighPerformance Gear - HOME - Sullivan Steel ServiceXD15NW Bar. Stainless bearing steel, high nitrogen (CREN) Superior to 440C; ESR:AMS 5925; Alternative to AMS 5898 > Read more about XD15nw. XD16N Bar. Stainless bearing steel; More cost effective version of XD15NW; Air-Melt:AMS 5926 > Read more about XD16N. CX13VDW Bar. Carburizing stainless;

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This combination increases the nitrogen content soluble at 1 bar pressure from 0.14 to 0.24 mass%, which allows to reduce the carbon content to about 0.4 mass% without a loss of hardening capacity. SPACEMATDB - Space Materials Database. Materials detailsXD15NW:Product Datasheet:XD15NW DS:General Information:martensitic stainless steel containing 0.2% nitrogen:Product Type:bar:Chemical Composition:FE - 0.4Co - 15.5Cr - 2.0Mo - 0.3V - 0.2N - 0.005SName of Manufacturer:Aubert and Duval 22, rue Henri-Vuillemin 92230 Gennevilliers - France 33 (0)1 55 02 58 00 33 (0)1 55 03 58 01 dircom X-15 Steel BladeForumsMar 09, 2000 · It was first developed as an aerospace ball bearing steel under the name XD15NW. For non-aerospace purposes it is called X15TN (different re-melting and testing processes). It has a very fine grain structure, high hardness (advertised 58 Rc, but usually in low 60s).

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SS Bar X-093.0 Stainless steel bars of medical grade steel x15tn/xd15nw, (no AISI std.) SS Bar X-219.2 Stainless steel bars of valve grade steel APZ9 (No AISI Std.; EATON CORP. EMS 296) SS Wire X-018.1 SF20T stainless steel wire SS Wire X-018.2 DSR16FA stainless steel wire SS Wire X-177.2 ASL 813 Rectangular Or Shaped Wire For Piston Ring XD15NW Stainless Steel Your source for information on The XD15NW mark is owned by Sullivan Steel, Inc. No reproductions or use are permitted without written permission from Sullivan Steel Service, Inc. The XD15NW XD15NW for food processing, aerospace, and bearings Jun 29, 2018 · The XD15NW® has been developed as a high corrosion and wear resistant grade, for markets where traditional high Cr stainless steels like the 440C are not hard enough to meet our customers requirements.

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XD16N Bar XD16N is a high Nitrogen Martensitic Stainless Steel for corrosion, temperature, and wear resistance. This grade is an air-melt only, less costly version of XD15NW, yet still offers greatly superior corrosion resistance to 440C or 440C VAR.Steel XD15NW - Aubert & Duval - Forgings, powders XD15NW X40CrMoVN16-2 COMPOSITION Carbon .. 0.42 Chromium .. 16.00 Molybdenum .. 1.80 Vanadium.. 0.35 Nitrogen.. 0.20 APPLICATIONS Bearings, bearing components.