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DWK Life Sciences Kimble KIMAX Conical-Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes, 10mL. Use these tubes for centrifugation up to 2980 RCF. KIMAX Conical-Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes are plastic shrink-wrapped in modular trays for cleanliness and safety. Manufactured from 51 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass. Benchmark Scientific® R1000 CoolCube Microtube Cooling Capacity:36 x 1.5mL tubes, 96 x 0.2mL tubes, 12 x 0.2mL strips, 1 x 96-well PCR plate Dimensions (W x D x H):14.3 x 14.3 x 6.4cm (5.6 x 5.6 x 2.5 inches); weight:0.9kg (2lb) Material:Durastar polymer

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High quality Potassium carbonate CAS NO.584-08-7 China Manufacturer Cas No:584-08-7: It is mainly used as the raw material for synthesis of decarbonization gas, electronic tubes, glass, enamel, printing, welding, film developing, inorganic salts and kinescope glass shell. Sigma-Aldrich Centrifuge 5 Ml at Thomas Scientificcentrifugation, urinalysis procedures and serum separation. These conical bottom tubes are chemically clean and metal free, ready to use and uniform in size and shape, measuring 17 x 120 mm. Graduations are at 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5, 10, 12 and 15 ml. Polystyrene tubes resist a centrifuge Centrifuge at Thomas ScientificThe GCC-S Clinical Centrifuge has been designed for numerous clinical and research applications with simple yet robust features. The included twelve (12) position rotor accommodates 5mL, 7mL or 10mL culture or blood collection tubes and up to eight (8) 15mL tubes (all adapters are included).

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The phenolic 24-400 GPI threaded screw cap is fabricated of a resin which is specially formulated to resist the effects of temperature and steam. No stopper. Non-sterile. Capacity:40mL. Material:borosilicate glass code 7740. Tube style:centrifuge. Tube shape:cylindrical. Bottom style:conical. Top style:threaded. Graduation range:0.5-40mL. Glass Centrifuge Tubes - capitolscientificKimble® High Strength Glass Class B Centrifuge Tubes with Screw Cap. Kimble® Kontes® Threaded Plain Glass Conical Centrifuge Tubes with PTFE/Rubber Lined Black Phenolic Screw Caps. Kimble® Kontes® Reusable Conical Glass Graduated Centrifuge Tube with Flat Head Standard Taper Stopper. Kimble® Kontes® 15mL Reusable Plain Glass Centrifuge Tubes with Snap Caps. HAWK 5mL Mini Centrifuge Tubes, Pre-Sterilized, Conical w New HAWK 5mL Mini Centrifuge Tubes take all of the conveniences of standard 15mL conical tubes and scales them down for space efficiency and decreased natural resource consumption. Useful from -86°C to 110°C, these tubes are a valuable resource for boiling and for sample preservation at very low temperatures. Choose from gamma sterilized racked packaging with attached caps or non-sterile bulk

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12mL Standard Taper Centrifuge Tube is a heavy-duty version of Kimble® # 45161. Made with heavier walled tubing to withstand higher centrifugation speeds. Top is beaded for strength. Graduated and calibrated to contain. Scale is white ceramic enamel. 12mL Capacity with 0.1 submLdivisions. Dimensions (O.D. x Length):17 x 118mm. 12-Each/Case. Kimble® 45600-15 High Strength Glass Class B 15mL This high strength centrifuge tube with a screw thread is manufactured from Type 1, Class B, borosilicate glass. The tube has been chemically strengthened to achieve a greater mechanical strength than standard borosilicate centrifuge tubes. These tubes can be centrifuged up to 13,100 RCF when used with an accessory rubber adapter sleeve in a 50mL rotor cavity. Rubber Adapter Sleeve for Kimax® High Strength Centrifuge Rubber Adapter Sleeve for Kimax® High Strength Centrifuge Tube; find null-Z514942 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich.

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Sep 18, 2020 · 50 mM ammonium bicarbonate, pH 8 (e.g., Sigma-Aldrich, cat. no. 9830; adjust pH using acetic acid) 2 M thiourea (e.g., Sigma-Aldrich, cat. no. T8656) 6 M urea (e.g., Sigma-Aldrich, cat. no. U5128) Prepare fresh before use. Weigh urea and thiourea powder in a conical tube, and then dissolve powders by adding ammonium bicarbonate buffer. VWR® MAGNETIC STIR BAR SELECTION GUIDETubes, Micro Vials, and Conical Bottom Centrifuge Tubes Magnetic stirring bars are designed for test tubes, micro vials and conical bottom centrifuge tubes. Each style is manufactured for a specific size tube, but can be modified if needed without affecting the magnet. Dimensions, Dia. x L Cat. No. 25 mm (1) x 9.5 mm (3/8) 58949-232Glass Centrifuge Tubes - Glass Tubes Sigma-AldrichBrowse Sigma-Aldrich's Glass Centrifuge Tubes to find products in Conical tube with screw cap, Heavy-duty or heavy-wall tubes, High strength tubes, Jacketed K-D concentrator, Oil centrifuge tubes, Round-bottom tube, Standard tubes, Tube with beaded rim, Tube with pennyhead stopper