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ANSI B16.5 Alloy 316 Blind Flange Ring Type Joint 4 Inch

Aug 30, 2020 · The ASME B16.5 RTJ flanges refers to pipe flanges manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.5 furnished with a ring-type joint facing. The ring-type joint facing, also known simply as ring joint facing, is an additional raised portion furnished to various flange types to ASME B16.5 RTJ Facing Dimensions - Piping & PipelineAug 28, 2019 · Figure-1:the ASME B16.5 flange with a ring-type joint (RTJ) facing. P pitch diameter of groove; G minimum diameter of raised portion; F upper width of groove; r radius at bottom of groove; E depth of groove, equal to height of raised portion; 23°:slope angle of side wall.

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Jan 10, 2016 · The flange facings are machine finished to ANSI/ASME B16.5 requirements. Ring Type Joint (RTJ) (Class 300 and larger) - This flange is normally used for high pressure gas pipe work. Ring type gaskets must be used on this type of flange. Guidelines for Selection of Various Types of Flanges Dimensions for facings shall be in accordance with ASME B16.5, Table 4 for flat face, raised face, and tongue and groove flanges, and Table 5 for ring joint flanges. These tables shall be used in conjunction with ASME B16.5, Figure 7. Lap Joint Flanges and Stud Bolts Dimensions ASME B16.5 The length of the Stud Bolt does not include the height of the chamfers (points). Dimensional Tolerances of Lap Joint Flanges ASME B16.5. Outside Diameter *. Tolerances not listed in ASME B16.5 2013. 24 = 1.6 mm.

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ASME B16.5-2009 (Revision of ASME B16.5-2003) Pipe Flanges and 4 Dimensions of Facings (Other Than Ring Joints, All Pressure Rating Classes) .. 64 5 Dimensions of Ring-Joint Facings (All Pressure Rating Classes) .. 66 6 Reducing Threaded and Slip-On Flanges for Classes 150 Through Pipe flange:Ring Joint Facings - ASME/ANSI B16.5 & B16.47-3Ring Joint Facings - ASME/ANSI B16.5 & B16.47-3 Manufacture of Pipe flanges, RTJ Flanges, Ring Type Joint Flange, Spectacle Blind Flange, ASME B16.48 Class 1500 Pipe flange is a method of connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a piping system. Ring Joint Facings - ASME/ANSI B16.5 & B16.47-1Ring joint facing dimensions - ASME/ANSI B16.5 and B16.47 Series A (MSS SP-44) and Series B (API 605) (Continued) Class (lb) Groove/Ring Number Raised Face Groove 150 300 400 600 900 1500 2500 Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) Face Diameter min Pitch Diameter Depth 1 Width Radius at Bottom in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm Note - Values for minimum flange thickness,

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2. Bolt holes shall be drilled 1/8th inch larger in diameter than the nominal diameter of the bolt, except for flanges larger than 84 inch in diameter which shall be drilled 3/16th inch larger than the nominal diameter of the bolt. 3. Drilling same as ANSI/ASME B16.1 125 lb and B16.5 150 lb pattern. Spectacle Blind Female RTJ Dimensions - piping-worldSpectacle blinds or line blanks are flat plates sandwiched between flanges for positive isolation of process fluid. Spectacle blinds, female RTJ design as per ASME B16.48 are used for sandwiching between RTJ flanges and requires two pairs of ring joint gaskets unlike the male RTJ spectacle blinds where the gasket is an integral part of the spectacle blind.Table 5 Dimensions of Ring-Joint Facings (All Pressure ASME B16.5-2009 Table 5 Dimensions of Ring-Joint Facings (All Pressure Rating Classes) (Contd) 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Diameter of Raised Portion, K Approximate Distance Between Flanges Class 300 Class 400 Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class 150 600 900 1500 2500 150 300 400 600 900 1500 2500