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Edit News Edit News Item Title:Check out our latest News! We have a Performance muffler for the Polaris Slingshot. New Systems for the 2018-'19 Mustang GT are available.. Axleback Performance mufflers for Ford GT500 Mustang. New Raptor Side Exit High Performance System.. Check out the Sportster Shoot out comparison on our Firepower slip ons. BMW Z4 stainless steel exhaust - Profusion CustomsAn original BMW Z4 stainless steel exhaust manufactured in mild steel is restrictive, due to the design, this can cause excessive back pressure, which inadvertently reduces performance. Mild steel exhausts deteriorate rapidly over time, not just the outside, but the inside too.

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TDot Performance offers a large variety of complete exhaust systems, all-diameter free-flowing exhaust pipes, mufflers, tips, and manifolds. As an authorized dealer of all of AFE , GReddy , Magnaflow , Flowmaster , MBRP , Borla , and other brands we carry, our customers are covered by the full manufacturer warranty. High Performance Stainless Steel Turbo Exhaust System Pipe Made of SUS304 Stainelss Steel material. These V-Band Clamps/Couplings offer effective fastening solutions in exhaust systems, remove intercooler systems and turbo parts, such as charge piping, intake pipes, diesel engines, turbochargers, and heavy-duty exhaust systems. Honda Civic High Performance CatBack Exhaust System Our catback exhaust system offers high horsepower gain while maintaining a light weight but high strength stainless steel pipe. Our Honda Civic Catback Exhaust system offer high flow, straight pipe, and light weight design. The result is achieving 10-20 horsepower and 10-15 torque increases. Our exhaust offers a good balance between performance and street-ability.

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Our bespoke performance exhaust systems are designed as a replacement for your factory fitted exhaust, hand-built in stainless steel our performance exhaust systems are guaranteed for life. Riding With The Best Harley Performance Exhausts(2021)Oct 15, 2019 · If youre looking to get a little more performance and an improvement in sound over stock for your Harley Davidson Dyna, Bassani Xhausts have designed a high quality stainless steel two-into-one exhaust that may well be ideal for your needs. Youll get some modest torque and horsepower gains out of this pipe, but theyre gains nonetheless. Side Exhaust / Sidepipes Archives - HighFlo Performance2 63-67 Corvette Stainless Steel Side Exhaust Kit. Stainless Steel 2 Inner baffle Side Exhaust/Side Pipe kit We offer oversized Side Exhaust / Side Pipes (chamber tubes, brackets and tips) welded together, for high performance 1963/67 Corvette with custom headers. With this kit you supply your own header adaptor (exhaust tube between custom header and Side Exhaust /

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Our exhaust systems are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. A high grade stainless steel exhaust has a far longer lifespan than a standard exhaust. Having a stainless steel exhaust fitted is a sound investment as it can offer you cost savings over time in several ways. Trask Performance Harley Davidson ExhaustThis dyno tested exhaust system is made from the highest quality mild steel, mandrel bent, and features a 1-3/4" header pipes that flow in a tapered 3" to 3-1/2" megaphone with a performance baffle. The exhaust comes complete with full coverage heat shields and a 3-1/2" billet tip. With potential gains from 8-10 horsepower on a stock Harley Davidson V-Twin, we are confident you will enjoy the smooth and Top 10 Best Exhaust Systems:Highest Rated Performance 409-L stainless steel pipes feature high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, while remaining a cost-effective option. 304 stainless steel is the top-shelf exhaust material. 304 has the highest nickel and chromium concentration and offers the best resistance to rust and corrosion. Borla offers a full line of high-quality 304 stainless exhaust systems.